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Get to know your customer day - Markwell Peck and their customers

Get To Know Your Customer Day: Markwell Peck Sandblasting London’s Dedication to Our Customers

The Third Thursday of July commences “Get To Know Your Customer Day,” and there’s nothing more important to Markwell Peck than our customers! For any business, their customers should be their main priority and it should be the business’s focus to keep them happy. In the last 15 years, the team at Markwell Peck have […]

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Why You Should Use Markwell Peck’s Sandblasting Services

Is your office space becoming a bit dim and drab? Maybe it’s time for a refresh! Markwell Peck have the answer to your problems! Abrasive blasting, otherwise known as “Sandblasting”, is a method of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive materials against a surface to remove rough surfaces; shape the surface or smooth surfaces. Markwell […]

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Common Sandblasting Mistakes and How Markwell Peck Can Help

Sandblasting is the perfect solution when you need to clean something quickly and efficiently and is ideal for commercial applications. The method involves shooting small particles out of an air compressor, to clear any surface debris such as old paint or rust. As effective as it can be there are many potential mistakes that can […]

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