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Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment Trends for Summer 2018

Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment Trends for Summer 2018

There is no better time to get a paintbrush out and give your office a well-deserved lick of paint than before summer. More often than not, when the sun begins to shine, it highlights little blemishes around the room. This week, Markwell Peck are here to tell you about the most popular commercial decorating and […]

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Sandblasting for businesses

Markwell Peck Talks: Is Your Building Ready for Summer?

With the warmer weather in full swing, winter is truly behind us. This is great news for the most people, but is your building ready for the hotter climes? Last winter was certainly one to remember; with ice cold temperatures and the ‘Beast from the East.’ Not only did it cause disruption to our daily routines; it […]

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Commercial refurbishment to boost productivity

Markwell Peck talks: what to consider when planning a Commercial Refurbishment.

Commercial refurbishment can be a stressful task, especially when your company’s productivity is at stake. However, it is something that is inevitable and is statistically proven to help to boost morale and productivity in the workplace. This week, we’ve come together to discuss 5 things you need to consider when planning a commercial refurbishment.   […]

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Office refurbishment - the impact of light on productivity

Markwell Peck Talks: The Impacts of Light on Productivity

According to recent studies, the levels of lighting in an office play a vital role in employee productivity. A staggering 68% of workers often complain about the lighting situation in their office. So what can you do as an employer to boost morale and productivity in the workplace? Markwell Peck, office refurbishment services have come […]

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Office Refurbishment London

Creative office paint ideas to modernise your company’s workspace

Office refurbishment is an innovative way to boost morale and productivity amongst your employees. If we’re in the same surroundings for a long period of time. Our productivity and creativity will take a backseat. This week, Markwell Peck, commercial decorating and refurbishment, are here to suggest creative paint ideas to revive your workspace. The colour […]

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Workspace Commercial Decorating London

How Your Work-Space Can Affect Productivity

In 2018, there is a huge emphasis being placed on employee welfare. Why? Because unhappy employees will result in a lack of motivation and a significant reduction in productivity. At Markwell Peck, commercial decorating and refurbishment. We understand the importance of valuing employees. This week, we’re here to discuss how physical work-space can affect productivity. […]

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Sandblasting service London

Getting Your Business Ready for the Summer with Markwell Peck’s Sandblasting Service

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through Spring. Considering the ice-cold temperatures people up and down the UK have experienced over the last few months. These harsh weather conditions can have a major impact on infrastructure. This week, Markwell Peck are discussing why it’s important to maintain the upkeep of your business offices […]

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Markwell Peck London

Commercial decorating trends for 2018

If you’re considering office refurbishment this year. Avoid the risk of rooky mistakes and DIY disasters by hiring commercial decorators. Using a third party for commercial office refurbishment also allows your office to function as usual while work is being done. This week, Markwell Peck are continuing with the theme of office refurbishment. Discussing the […]

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Spraying curtain walling blog

Spraying Curtain Walling for Your Business

At Markwell Peck, office refurbishment services, we’re experts in spraying curtain walling. A curtain wall system is the perfect solution when it comes to office refurbishment. This week, we’re going to discuss what spraying curtain walling is and how it can benefit your business.   What is a curtain wall system? Typically, a curtain wall […]

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