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How Your Work-Space Can Affect Productivity

In 2018, there is a huge emphasis being placed on employee welfare. Why? Because unhappy employees will result in a lack of motivation and a significant reduction in productivity. At Markwell Peck, commercial decorating and refurbishment. We understand the importance of valuing employees. This week, we’re here to discuss how physical work-space can affect productivity. […]

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Commercial decorating trends for 2018

If you’re considering office refurbishment this year. Avoid the risk of rooky mistakes and DIY disasters by hiring commercial decorators. Using a third party for commercial office refurbishment also allows your office to function as usual while work is being done. This week, Markwell Peck are continuing with the theme of office refurbishment. Discussing the […]

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Benefits of curtain walling

The Differences Between Grit Blasting and Shot blasting

At Markwell Peck, our talents lie in grit blasting and shot blasting services. However, most of the time the two techniques often get confused as they both come under the sandblasting bracket. This week, we’ve come together to explain the two techniques and the differences between them.   What is a grit blasting service? When it comes […]

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Everything you need to know about our grit blasting service London

Everything You Need to Know About Our Grit Blasting Service

At Markwell Peck, we pride ourselves on the impeccable, efficient service we provide when it comes to sandblasting and grit blasting. We are qualified experts and have the ability to completely transform your building. This week, the team here at Markwell Peck have come together to discuss everything you need to know about abrasive blasting, […]

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Markwell Peck London - Shotblasting London

Give Your Office the Christmas Gift of Sandblasting, Essex

Christmas is without a doubt a magical time, what better way to get your office in the festive spirit than with a makeover from Markwell Peck, commercial sandblasting Essex. Now before you dismiss it, hear us out. Winter can definitely be quite a dull time of year, everything and everyone is looking and feeling tired. […]

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sandblasting services

Locality of Markwell Peck, Why Choose our Sandblasting Services

Finding the right person for the job can be difficult. Especially when you want the service you need carried out professionally and efficiently. No matter what the size of the job or how much it could cost. It’s vital that you choose the right company for your exact requirements. Here at Markwell Peck we believe […]

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