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Why You Should Use Markwell Peck’s Sandblasting Services

Is your office space becoming a bit dim and drab? Maybe it’s time for a refresh! Markwell Peck have the answer to your problems! Abrasive blasting, otherwise known as “Sandblasting”, is a method of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive materials against a surface to remove rough surfaces; shape the surface or smooth surfaces. Markwell […]

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Why should you use our sandblasting service?

26th – 2nd July – Why Choose Our Sand Blasting Service?

Sandblasting is a method that describes the cleaning and the preparation of a surface. This is then completed by propelling very fine pieces of material at the surface. As the name would suggest, sand was the most commonly used material. However, since an outbreak of lung disease silicosis due to the sand-dust; other materials are […]

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