The Positive Effects of Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment

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Positive Effects of Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment

A survey taken of 865 office workers revealed that Brits spend on average 122 minutes of their day procrastinating, meaning they are only productive for 73% of their contracted hours.

If you’re an employer, you will quickly notice that these figures are costing you and your business money. Naturally, you’re going to want to find quick; cost effective ways to get your business back on track. Therefore, this week, Markwell Peck, commercial painting contractors, have come together to discuss the positive effects that an office refurbishment could have on your employees.

Improved efficiency

If your employees are working in the same environment every day, it can become tiresome; draining and unproductive. Office refurbishment allows for you to change things up in your office, whether it be the colour scheme or the layout. The current commercial fit out trend is open and collaborative workspaces, encouraging employees to work together and share ideas. A new and improved office will boost the morale of your workers making them more motivated to meet deadlines and in the long run, increase their productivity.

Attracting Clients

It’s all very well having productive staff, however you also need to attract clients. Your office and the employees in it, are the face of your company. Therefore, it is vital that your building both inside and out reflects your company values. An office which is clean, organised and well-presented gives the impression that your business is trust-worthy and profitable.

Rebrands and Refurbishment

Office refurbishment and rebrands go hand in hand. If you’re thinking about having a rebrand, it makes sense for your office to reflect that. Whether you’re changing the name, logo or colour scheme, it may be worthwhile hiring commercial painting contractors to come and give your office interior a face lift.

Able to hire more staff

If you’re following the trend of open and collaborative workspaces, you’ll realise that your office refurbishment will allow for more functional spaces. This may be the perfect solution if you’re an expanding company but tied into a contract with your current building.

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