How Your Work-Space Can Affect Productivity

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In 2018, there is a huge emphasis being placed on employee welfare. Why? Because unhappy employees will result in a lack of motivation and a significant reduction in productivity. At Markwell Peck, commercial decorating and refurbishment. We understand the importance of valuing employees. This week, we’re here to discuss how physical work-space can affect productivity.


How has the attitude changed?

With thanks to the internet and the creation of platforms such as Pinterest. The idea of the traditional workspace has shifted. Many companies are now undergoing dramatic office refurbishment to create an employee experience and a place where members of staff actually want to turn up.

What is an employee experience?

Firstly, the modern business model now revolves not only around the retention of clients but also valuing the employees that make the company. Many businesses have turned to commercial refurbishment to create a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Is there any surprise when almost four million employees in the UK are working more than 48 hours a week. Compared with only 350,000 a decade ago?

Creative ways office refurbishment can boost productivity

With Britain’s long-hours culture. It may be time to sit back and re-evaluate your work-space and consider investing in office refurbishment contractors to accommodate to your employees. Here’s a couple of creative ways commercial refurbishment could boost your company’s productivity:

* Hiring commercial decorators to revamp your interior space

This is a great way to improve your work-space, even if you’re on a budget. Simply adding colour to your walls can significantly improve your staff’s work ethic. Colours with blue and green undertones will improve efficiency and focus as they have a calming influence.  In addition, yellow induces happiness and creativity. While variations of red will increase heart rate and boost energy.

* Creating breakout spaces 

Having more of an open plan office has been proven to increase communication efforts, relaxation and productivity. If you introduce breakout spaces that give employees the chance to work away from their desk. It will keep them feeling fresh and innovated throughout the day.

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