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If you’re considering office refurbishment this year. Avoid the risk of rooky mistakes and DIY disasters by hiring commercial decorators. Using a third party for commercial office refurbishment also allows your office to function as usual while work is being done.

This week, Markwell Peck are continuing with the theme of office refurbishment. Discussing the top commercial decorating design trends for 2018.

Breaking down barriers – literally!

One of the huge office refurbishment trends sweeping the nation this year is the introduction of collaborative open spaces. Despite once being traditional, dividing areas into small rooms is proving to be losing its popularity. Instead, designers in office refurbishment companies are heading towards more open plan spaces. This subtle change will not only make your office feel bigger, but it will also promote the feeling of openness, light and communication amongst your employees.

Unconventional is the new conventional

Another popular office refurbishment design trend is unconventional work spaces. Seeing the trend begin in America with huge corporations questioning what it means to have a conventional workspace. It’s gradually making its way to the UK. But, how do you get into the unconventional office refurbishment mindset? Think outside of the box – literally! Whether it be corridors or hidden nooks to work in. Introducing a meeting room with beanbags and cushions can give a more relaxed, creative vibe. Placing a picnic bench near the reception area to create a ‘third-space’ gives employees a place to work away from their desk.

Make sure your office reflects your company

When it comes to office refurbishment, it can be incredibly easy to get carried away with creating and designing a Google inspired workplace. However, this won’t fit all businesses. So, when it comes to redesigning your office. Make sure you consider what your brand stands for and what message you want to send to your clients.

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