The Differences Between Grit Blasting and Shot blasting

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At Markwell Peck, our talents lie in grit blasting and shot blasting services. However, most of the time the two techniques often get confused as they both come under the sandblasting bracket. This week, we’ve come together to explain the two techniques and the differences between them.


What is a grit blasting service?

When it comes to grit blasting in Essex. There is a broad range of materials which can be adapted to tackle a particular task. Each material hosts its own range of benefits and it’s vital that you ensure you choose the right substance to achieve your desired finish.

Typically, grit blasting services are used to smooth down walls, clean surfaces and remove unwanted marks such as graffiti. Some common materials used in the process include:

· Alumina

· Walnut shells

· Silicon carbide

Grit blasting services often use softer materials in order to protect your property. 

For example, using a substance such as steel shot to remove paint from a wall would be highly inappropriate as it would damage the overall surface.

What is shot blasting, Essex?

Shot blasting in Essex is a much harsher process and is often used for more industrial jobs. The name hints at the fact that small steel balls are used in the procedure.

Due to the material being harsh. It’s often best used on fellow metal objects like cars, ships or machinery to remove rust or any other unwanted debris. However, shot blasting, Essex can also be used to help prepare a surface through the process of abrasion and helps create the ideal canvas for painting.

Shot blasting, is also more environmentally friendly compared to grit blasting services as there is no silicon dust whilst the process is being undertaken. Which results in less pollution and environmental damage.

What’s next?

If you’re interested in either shot blasting, Essex or grit blasting services. Our team at Markwell Peck are here to help! With over 15 years’ experience we are experts in the industry. All the while working with you to help your building achieve the perfect finish.

How We Can Help 

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