Which of your belongings will benefit from our Sandblasting Service?

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Sandblasting service Essex

At Markwell Peck, we’re specialists in a number of fields regarding the refurbishment and renovation of your property. However, our sandblasting service isn’t just limited to buildings. Multiple objects. Both industrial and commercial, can also benefit from shot blasting, Essex.



Shipyards are where the construction and assembling of yachts, military vessels, cruise liners or other passenger ships takes place. Sandblasting services play a crucial role in the design and maintenance of watercraft. Shot blasting helps in the cleaning and preparation of sheets, surfaces and profiles before painting can take place. It also helps the upkeep of ship hulls.

The automotive industry

Sandblasting is arguably most needed in the automobile industry, playing a vital role in tasks such as:

· The cleaning of vehicle parts including: gearboxes, mechanical transmissions and connecting rods.

· The sandblasting of stabilising bars, elastics and springs in order to increase fatigue resistance.

· Preparation of car and truck tyres before painting.

· Remove rust and scale from the exterior. E.g. car doors


The aviation industry is worth a staggering $2.7 trillion of the world’s GDP. So it’s vital that all air vehicles are maintained to the highest standard. That’s where sandblasting can help. Shot blasting can be useful for eliminating rubber and roughness as well as the general restitution of airport tracks. Sandblasting can also be used in the removal of paint from an aircraft.

Iron and steel industries

Both iron and steel are materials that are prone to suffer from problems such as rust and mill scale. Fortunately, sandblasting can be used to descale bars that are used for: wire drawing operations. The descaling of coil rod and the blasting of lamination cylinders.

Bicycles and motorbikes

This is more of a personal possession. However, sandblasting can majorly treat and benefit more domestic means of travel like bicycles and motorbikes and can help in the cleaning and preparation of frames before painting as well as tyre surfaces.

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