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Sandblasting Markwell Peck London

The start of a new year signifies change and encourages everyone to try new things which are out of their comfort zone.

Have you ever considered making over either the interior or exterior of your building? As they say; ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind,’ carrying this philosophy to the entirety of a building, both inside and out, whether it be a new lick of paint or an entire revamp, the team of experts here at Markwell Peck can completely rejuvenate your building.

What are the benefits of sandblasting and redecorating?

· New look

Redecorating is great if your building is starting to look tired and you need to update your look. Your building reflects your brand so make sure the impression you are giving out doesn’t shout ‘tired’ or ‘shabby.’

· Increased productivity

Do you think your office space is looking worn-out? Redecorating is a great opportunity to clear out any old documents and furniture that you don’t use anymore. A clean, revamped workspace can help employees fully immerse themselves in their work, increasing productivity.

How can Markwell Peck help you?

At Markwell Peck we offer sandblasting service in London and the surrounding areas. Our team recommend starting with the exterior of your building when it comes to redecorating. We can sandblast your walls to prepare and protect them against the harsh winter weathers. However, if you’re looking for something more cosmetic we can also spray your curtain walling and coat your cladding.

What industries do we cover?

We don’t just limit ourselves to one type of industry and we work with a variety of companies across the board to rejuvenate the look of their space, some industries include:

· Offices

· Education

· Commercial and industrial

· Consultancy

If you would like more information on our sandblasting service in London, get in touch with our friendly team on 01279 419200.

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