The Benefits of Cladding Coatings Essex

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The benefits of cladding coatings Essex

Here at Markwell Peck, we pride ourselves on the services we provide throughout the UK. One of our most well-known services is the maintenance and spraying of cladding coatings. We’re here to give you a guide on the benefits of cladding and the importance of its maintenance.

What is cladding?

Firstly, cladding is a covering or coating on a structure or material. Similar to curtain walling, cladding is used for protection from environmental factors such as harsh weathers as well as the modernisation of the aesthetics of the building. The coating which is applied to the metal gives it more durability; a higher level of corrosion resistance as well as generally improving the final appearance of the building.

Furthermore, cladding coatings can come in the form of several materials including fibre cement; steel; time; glass fibres and thermally modified wood.

The benefits of cladding coatings:

· Protection Purposes. The main and most popular reason for choosing to add cladding to an exterior is that it adds a layer of protection to a building. Cladding increases the strength of any building and protects it from the elements such as heavy winds.

· Low Maintenance Cladding coatings are extremely low maintenance compared to a painted surface. Cladding requires little cleaning or repairs and is actually a more cost-effective option to achieving a stylish interior.

· Aesthetic – Despite cladding coatings mainly being installed for protection purposes. It also provides a level of aesthetic to a building; if chosen correctly. It can dramatically change the overall impression of the building. Even increasing its market value.

Spraying cladding coatings

In order to maintain their look and purpose, cladding coatings need to be sprayed. Here at Markwell Peck, we’re experts in the spraying and maintenance of cladding coatings. The spray painting of panels helps enhance its anti-corrosive properties. We spray each panel after the surface preparation and ensure an even and consistent finish.

With over 15 years worth of experience in the sandblasting; cladding; curtain walling and shot blasting industry. Markwell Peck sandblasting London are trust worthy and efficient. Therefore, if you would like to find out more information or enquire about pricing, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01279 419 200.

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