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Grit blasting services London

With over 15 years in the sandblasting and abrasive blasting industry; our team are qualified experts. We have the ability to completely transform your business space with our decorating services. We often discuss sandblasting and shot blasting in our blogs, however this week, we are discussing our grit blasting service.

What is Grit Blasting?

Grit blasting is in fact, very similar to sandblasting. It is a process where abrasive particles are accelerated directly against a surface. Our grit blasting services help to remove contaminants from the object’s surface. It also helps to condition the object. Grit blasting hosts a range of benefits including a reduction in the likelihood of stress corrosion.

How Does the Process Work?

The technique makes sure that the surface is impacted at an extremely high velocity by hard; angled particles; until the unwanted material on the surface is removed. A clean metal surface is then exposed. It can also be used to remove materials including: scale; paint; corrosion and other surface films.

Particles which are used in the process include:

-Walnut shells
-Silicon carbide
-Various sands
-Emery particles

The particle that is chosen depends on how aggressive the surface film is. The particles can be propelled via: compressed air; vapours; liquid streams and mechanical projection methods. Despite grit blasting being capable of removing scale; old paint; rust and others; materials such as oil and grease should be removed first.

Our Grit Blasting Services are Ideal For:

Grit blasting is often used to prepare the objects before it is welded. It is also used afterwards to improve the application of coatings such as galvanizing or painting. When it comes to removing rust, neither sand blasting nor shot blasting will do as good a job as grit blasting.

Methods such as wire brushing; chemical treatment or sanding will not have the same effect. However it is recommended that such tasks are undertaken by a professional as it can carry numerous health risks.

At Markwell Peck, we have been in charge of many large projects in a variety of industries; ranging from retail to education. Our team are adaptable. We always conduct our work in a highly professional manner. If you would like more information about out grit blasting services then get in touch on 01279 419200.

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