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be safe when sandblasting

Sandblasting is a method of using abrasive materials and compressed air or water to clean an object or surface. Traditional sandblasting methods use broken down pieces of abrasive materials such as steel; glass or garnet sand. However, these materials can be dangerous – particularly working with lead paint and silica which contain toxic materials that could harm workers.

It’s important to understand the safety considerations when completing a sandblasting project – particularly if you are new to using the equipment and tools required.

Each abrasive blasting operation is unique and involves different surfaces; coatings; blast materials and working conditions. That’s why before beginning sandblasting work you must check for any hazards and assign the most knowledgeable person to the job.

Once you have assigned the correct person to carry out the sandblasting service London, it is vital they take these steps to protect themselves:

Dust Masks

While you may not think it’s harming you in the process of sandblasting, it might be. When using silica sand (crystalline) as the abrasive material, it can cause silicosis; lung cancer and breathing problems when workers are exposed to the dust. To avoid harming your respiratory system, we recommend (at a minimum) wearing a dust mask. Or wearing a respirator filter mask to prevent the dust from entering your system.

Safety Goggles and Ear Protection

Just like avoiding dust getting into your lungs, you will want to avoid getting any of the material into your eyes by wearing safety goggles. Not only will the materials cause extreme irritation to your eyes but potentially cause a visual impairment; if you are not wearing the correct eye protection.

The same goes for your ears. Just like the high levels of dust sandblasting creates lots of noise and so can easily damage your eardrums. We suggest wearing appropriate ear protection such as ear-mitts and earplugs to protect you from any hearing damage.

Protective Clothing

Unfortunately, accidents happen. So if you were ever to be around the sandblasting equipment when it did explode, it could result in some very serious injuries. When our experts are sandblasting, we make sure they are wearing specially designed sandblasting suits and gauntlet gloves to protect from any damage.

 With over 15 years of experience in the sandblasting service industry, our team have the expertise to completely rejuvenate your business space with our decorating services.

All of our experts have the correct training; skills and equipment to completely rejuvenate your space, meaning you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.

If you’re interested in our sandblasting services and would like more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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