How a Sandblaster Can Help Your Business

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The appearance of your building is vital should you wish to be seen as a professional outfit. Therefore, our team here at Markwell Peck make it our mission to improve your image as a brand through our professional decorating services.

Uses for sandblasting

  • Removing old paint – If you choose to slap a new coat of paint on top of the old coat; it will end up looking messy and unfinished. To get the best results you should strip the old paint from the wall; floor or piece of machinery to prepare it for the new coat. Sandblasting is the quickest solution to this and will do the job efficiently and with ease. We always recommend calling in the professionals for this as attempting it yourself can prove difficult in the long run.
  • The removal of rust – Rust can accumulate if you don’t keep your paint fresh. This can be especially important on large, expensive pieces of machinery. By painting over rusty areas, it may hide the problem but it won’t fix it. So it’s best to sandblast the rust off beforehand so that the problem doesn’t persist.
  • Great for cleaning – A tidy environment for your employees to work in leads to an organised team and office in the long run. Even if you don’t wish to repaint the surfaces, a sandblaster can come in handy. It will be able to blast through any kind of dirt or grime that may need attention. Trust us when we say you’ll be impressed at the speed the dirt can disappear, even after being there for years.
  • A safe method of removal or cleaning – One of the best parts about sandblasting is that if it’s done properly you won’t harm the surface or material that you are preparing ready for painting. As aforementioned, if the services are done improperly it can have the opposite effect and can end up causing serious damage.

Why should you choose Markwell Peck for your sandblasting services?

Here at Markwell Peck we have 15 years’ experience in the decorating industry. So it’s safe to say that our team have the correct knowledge and expertise to ensure the job is done correctly. If you want to give your commercial building or office a refresh and need a clean canvas to do so; give our team a call and we will be happy to help.


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