26th – 2nd July – Why Choose Our Sand Blasting Service?

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Why should you use our sandblasting service?

Sandblasting is a method that describes the cleaning and the preparation of a surface. This is then completed by propelling very fine pieces of material at the surface. As the name would suggest, sand was the most commonly used material. However, since an outbreak of lung disease silicosis due to the sand-dust; other materials are now used in its place such as steel grit; copper slag; walnut shells and powdered abrasives.

This effective method can be used in order to remove rust; paint and corrosion from the surface; such as cleaning commercial buildings and furniture.

With 15 years of experience in the commercial decorating industry; Markwell Peck has just launched a brand new commercial sandblasting London service. But why should you choose our sandblasting service over others?


Our sandblasting experts provide an utterly superior service compared to our competitors. We strive to work both efficiently and to a high standard. This is to make sure that the work you require is completed to the deadlines that are set and to your specific budget.


Since beginning our business in 2002, we have never hesitated to accommodate all our contractors in every way possible. Our team are adaptable to change and we will always work in a professional manner throughout the whole process.

We are also happy to work from any location. Whilst most of our projects are based in London and Essex. We have also worked on projects worldwide including France; Holland and Russia.


Using the correct tools; our qualified team understand exactly how sandblasting works and how it can benefit the surfaces of your office. They have worked on a number of large projects in many industries. These include commercial; retail; education; office refurbishment and government. With their knowledge, your office space will be in safe hands with our team.

Finally, to find out more information about our sandblasting service London, then call 01279 419200 or email info@markwellpeck.co.uk.

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