Common Sandblasting Mistakes and How Markwell Peck Can Help

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Sandblasting is the perfect solution when you need to clean something quickly and efficiently and is ideal for commercial applications. The method involves shooting small particles out of an air compressor, to clear any surface debris such as old paint or rust.

As effective as it can be there are many potential mistakes that can be involved. Not only can it be dangerous but can damage many surfaces. Below are some of the mistakes that can be made and how they can be avoided for future projects.

Using the wrong particles. 

There is a range of particles available for sandblasting; these have a variety of hardness levels and are appropriate for different types of jobs. Knowing the combination of both the type of machine and sand can be mind-numbing as it can become confusing and overwhelming. Our professional team have years of experience and training that allows them to assess your job to the highest of standards. There will be no risk of damage to your property due to the wrong particles being used.

Attempting to DIY

You may think it’s the easy option to buy a sandblaster and do the job yourself. However sandblasting can be a big project and without a professional helping you, it could end up being a disaster. It’s also important to note that in some cases it’s actually less expensive to call the experts.

Hiring an inexperienced worker

There’s nothing worse than hiring a so-called professional to find out that their knowledge is slim and they end up causing damage to your property. Make sure you ask the right questions and do your research to ensure you get the best-qualified person for the job. Our team have over 15 years of experience in the commercial decoration and restoration industry; so you can rest assured that the job is in capable hands.

Here at Markwell Peck we offer a professional sandblasting service, in Essex, London and Surrounding areas. For more information contact us or to receive a bespoke quote call our office on 01279 419200.


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