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Markwell Peck Sandblaster London for any weather conditions

Markwell Peck Talks: 365 Days’ Worth of Damage

In one year, there are 365 days and 52 weeks. You may feel as though your building goes through the majority of damage during the winter. However, it’s important to understand your building will suffer damage throughout the year. This week Markwell Peck, Sandblaster London, have come together to tell you what exactly is happening […]

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Sandblasting service London

Getting Your Business Ready for the Summer with Markwell Peck’s Sandblasting Service

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through Spring. Considering the ice-cold temperatures people up and down the UK have experienced over the last few months. These harsh weather conditions can have a major impact on infrastructure. This week, Markwell Peck are discussing why it’s important to maintain the upkeep of your business offices […]

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Sandblasting service London in your meeting space

Creative Ways of Maximising Your Meeting Space

Here at Markwell Peck, we’re always looking for creative, innovative ways to maximise your office space. Whether it’s by using our impeccable commercial sandblasting, London or giving your walls a much-deserved lick of paint. We are your one stop redecoration shop! Below are just some of the useful ways to maximise your meeting space. Open […]

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Sandblasting ready for the new year

What is the Difference Between Cladding Coatings and Curtain Walling?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of cladding coatings and you’ve probably heard about curtain walling. But, do you know the difference? Is there a difference? Markwell Peck, sandblasting service London, are here to tell all!   Are there any similarities? Firstly, cladding is a covering or coating on a structure put in place to protect a property […]

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Sandblasting Markwell Peck London

Restoring character using sandblasting

Markwell Peck UK Ltd is a market leader in professional and commercial decorating. Offering an array of services including the application of sprayed materials. More specifically, sandblasting. The process of forcibly propelling a stream of finely ground pieces of sand against a surface at high pressure. To smooth a rough surface, toughen a smooth surface, […]

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Abrasive blasting Essex service

Different Types of Sandblasting with Markwell Peck Sandblasting London

Abrasive blasting, also referred to as sandblasting, is the process of using abrasive materials accelerated through a blasting nozzle. This method can be used in a number of different industries due to its diverse nature, including surface preparation before painting, bonding or other coating operations, removal of rust, scale, sand or paint from fabricated or […]

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be safe when sandblasting

Sandblasting: How To Be Safe When Sandblasting London

Sandblasting is a method of using abrasive materials and compressed air or water to clean an object or surface. Traditional sandblasting methods use broken down pieces of abrasive materials such as steel; glass or garnet sand. However, these materials can be dangerous – particularly working with lead paint and silica which contain toxic materials that […]

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perfect time to decorate

Why Summer Holidays are a Perfect Time for Decorating with Markwell Peck

With schools closed to the public for summer, there’s no better time to take a look at your site and examine any damage that has happened over the school year. We can bet there are lots of scratches and scrapes; especially when hundreds of children are running around the school playground and buildings every single […]

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Summer weather on surfaces

Effects of Summer Weather on Surfaces with Markwell Peck Sandblasting London

We’re all guilty of indulging in the fantastic weather summer brings; heatwaves, endless sunshine and longer days. But have you stopped to consider the damage to your sites or premises the summer weather could have? At Markwell Peck, when we are working on a project we actively take into account the changes in weather could […]

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Keeping Up to Date With Your Contract with Markwell Peck

Working in an office space leased out by your landlord comes with lots of responsibilities and requirements such as repainting the space you’re working in. But when you’re busy running a business, who has the time to spend an afternoon painting an office? Well, that’s where Markwell Peck come in! Along with our sandblasting service […]

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