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Concrete cathedral - listed buildings

Maintaining Listed Buildings

The maintenance of heritage buildings is imperative for preserving their structure and ensuring the longevity of their features; both on the interior and the exterior. Listed buildings and those that are major tourist attractions will need different levels of maintenance, which may then require more extreme methods. Our sandblasting service has assisted in maintaining many […]

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Sandblasting Markwell Peck London

Restoring character using sandblasting

Markwell Peck UK Ltd is a market leader in professional and commercial decorating. Offering an array of services including the application of sprayed materials. More specifically, sandblasting. The process of forcibly propelling a stream of finely ground pieces of sand against a surface at high pressure. To smooth a rough surface, toughen a smooth surface, […]

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Grit blasting services London

Grit Blasting Services, London

With over 15 years in the sandblasting and abrasive blasting industry; our team are qualified experts. We have the ability to completely transform your business space with our decorating services. We often discuss sandblasting and shot blasting in our blogs, however this week, we are discussing our grit blasting service. What is Grit Blasting? Grit blasting is […]

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Abrasive blasting Essex service

Different Types of Sandblasting with Markwell Peck Sandblasting London

Abrasive blasting, also referred to as sandblasting, is the process of using abrasive materials accelerated through a blasting nozzle. This method can be used in a number of different industries due to its diverse nature, including surface preparation before painting, bonding or other coating operations, removal of rust, scale, sand or paint from fabricated or […]

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Benefits of sandblasting vs shot blasting

Benefits of Sandblasting vs Benefits of Shot Blasting

With 15 years of experience, Markwell Peck are a team of commercial decorators who specialise in offering spraying technologies, including our high quality sandblasting service Essex. As experts in everything from grit blasting to abrasive blasting, we have carried out thousands of renovations in a number of industries; from the industrial sites to educational facilities. […]

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High quality sandblasting

The Importance of Quality Sandblasting with Markwell Peck

Just like most things interior design related, you want to ensure you are using quality materials and tools to get the job done; leaving your space looking better than ever! Whether it’s a complete repaint job or just a simple light switch fitting; using high quality products makes all the difference to the look and feel […]

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