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Sandblasting for the Aviation Industry.

Markwell Peck Talks: Sandblasting for the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is responsible for $2.7 trillion of the world’s gross domestic product; this translates to be a staggering 3.5%. Therefore, it is vital that aircrafts and other means of transport are maintained to an impeccable standard. This week at Markwell Peck, commercial sandblasting London; we are here to discuss the benefits that sandblasting […]

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Sandblasting service London in your meeting space

Creative Ways of Maximising Your Meeting Space

Here at Markwell Peck, we’re always looking for creative, innovative ways to maximise your office space. Whether it’s by using our impeccable commercial sandblasting, London or giving your walls a much-deserved lick of paint. We are your one stop redecoration shop! Below are just some of the useful ways to maximise your meeting space. Open […]

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Sandblasting service Essex

Which of your belongings will benefit from our Sandblasting Service?

At Markwell Peck, we’re specialists in a number of fields regarding the refurbishment and renovation of your property. However, our sandblasting service isn’t just limited to buildings. Multiple objects. Both industrial and commercial, can also benefit from shot blasting, Essex.   Shipyards Shipyards are where the construction and assembling of yachts, military vessels, cruise liners […]

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Office refurbishment in the new year

Office Refurbishment in the New Year

New Year. A time for when companies set new targets, reassess their strategy and turn their attentions to making some changes. Perhaps you’ve been thinking that your office also needs a cosmetic overhaul. What if these goals, and more, can be achieved more easily with a simple solution? Markwell Peck’s specialised sandblasting and cladding coating […]

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Everything you need to know about our grit blasting service London

Everything You Need to Know About Our Grit Blasting Service

At Markwell Peck, we pride ourselves on the impeccable, efficient service we provide when it comes to sandblasting and grit blasting. We are qualified experts and have the ability to completely transform your building. This week, the team here at Markwell Peck have come together to discuss everything you need to know about abrasive blasting, […]

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Commercial Sandblasting London

Ways to Decorate Your Office This Christmas Without Ruining Your Walls.

With Christmas a matter of weeks away, it’s important that you try and raise Christmas spirits amongst your office, after all, no one likes a Scrooge! However, your office may be in a serviced office or perhaps you just want to keep your walls in good condition. Markwell Peck, shot blasting London, have created a […]

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Markwell Peck London - Shotblasting London

Give Your Office the Christmas Gift of Sandblasting, Essex

Christmas is without a doubt a magical time, what better way to get your office in the festive spirit than with a makeover from Markwell Peck, commercial sandblasting Essex. Now before you dismiss it, hear us out. Winter can definitely be quite a dull time of year, everything and everyone is looking and feeling tired. […]

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