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Open plan office blueprint

3 Tips to Make Your Office More Open Planned with an Office Refurbishment

Research shows that workers in open-plan offices are much more active and less stressed than those of us who are penned into cubicles or private offices. Not only are they happier but workers are often more productive. Our office refurbishment London team have compiled some ideas and tips on how to turn your office space […]

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Refresh your reception - advice from office refurbishment team

How to Design Your Best Reception Yet: Advice from Our Office Refurbishment Team

When visitors come into your office for the first time, it is important to give a good first impression. The design of your reception not only makes your visitors feel welcome but also gives you an advantage on your competitors. Here at Markwell Peck we believe giving your reception area a refresh can completely transform […]

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Office space productivity - light meeting room with green wall

Three Ways Your Office Space Affects Productivity

The design of your office space matters more than you think. In recent years, non-traditional workspaces have become increasingly popular with office refurbishment contractors. For example, amenities such as flexible workstations; private conference rooms and invigorating break spaces proved to help drive innovation.   Studies have shown that the look and feel of an office […]

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Advantages of commercial decorating and refurbishment

The Advantages of Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment

If you’re responsible for running a business, training your staff and dealing with HR issues, a commercial fit-out is probably the last thing on your to-do list. Although, you have noticed that scuff on the wall and the sea of paperwork building up next to your desk. After careful consideration, you decide it may be […]

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Commercial decorating and refurbishment checklist

The Ultimate Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment Checklist

You may be reluctant to reinvest your profits into the appearance of your office despite there being numerous benefits such as increased productivity and improving the company’s overall image. Although, once it’s done, it’s one of the best investments you may ever make. This week Markwell Peck, office refurbishment contractors have created the ultimate checklist […]

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3 Reasons You Should Choose Cladding Coatings

Markwell Peck Talks: 3 Reasons You Should Choose Cladding Coatings

At Markwell Peck, we are specialists in several areas of commercial decorating and refurbishment. Our services include sandblasting; office refurbishment and cladding coatings. This week our team are going to discuss three reasons why your building could benefit from cladding coatings. What are cladding coatings? You have probably heard of the term ‘cladding coatings’ thrown around […]

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Positive Effects of Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment

The Positive Effects of Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment

A survey taken of 865 office workers revealed that Brits spend on average 122 minutes of their day procrastinating, meaning they are only productive for 73% of their contracted hours. If you’re an employer, you will quickly notice that these figures are costing you and your business money. Naturally, you’re going to want to find […]

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Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment Trends for Summer 2018

Commercial Decorating and Refurbishment Trends for Summer 2018

There is no better time to get a paintbrush out and give your office a well-deserved lick of paint than before summer. More often than not, when the sun begins to shine, it highlights little blemishes around the room. This week, Markwell Peck are here to tell you about the most popular commercial decorating and […]

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