3 Tips to Make Your Office More Open Planned with an Office Refurbishment

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Open plan office blueprint

Research shows that workers in open-plan offices are much more active and less stressed than those of us who are penned into cubicles or private offices. Not only are they happier but workers are often more productive. Our office refurbishment London team have compiled some ideas and tips on how to turn your office space from closed off and isolated, to open and inviting.

When it comes to making your workspace feel more open planned, small changes can make the biggest difference.


Light shades of colour

This is a well-known interior design tip that works brilliantly in turning a small cramped space appear bigger. By painting the surrounding walls with light shades, you create a reflective surface that allows the light to travel around the room. This will create a much lighter and open feel.


Hire a commercial decorating and refurbishment service

We advise getting professionals into the office to look at what your options could be. This means that not only are you getting the quality that comes with the using a contractor. But you will also have a time frame to work with. Therefore there will be minimum disruption to the office environment as the commercial decorators will be working to a deadline.


Mirror mirror on the wall

Another great way to create the illusion of more depth in the office and therefore give a more open feel throughout, is to incorporate the use of large mirrors in the décor. If you find a focal point in the office and position some large wall mounted mirrors to reflect it; you will see just how much mirrors can generate the illusion of depth. They will also reflect artificial and natural light creating a brighter working atmosphere during day or night.

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