How to Design Your Best Reception Yet: Advice from Our Office Refurbishment Team

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Refresh your reception - advice from office refurbishment team

When visitors come into your office for the first time, it is important to give a good first impression. The design of your reception not only makes your visitors feel welcome but also gives you an advantage on your competitors. Here at Markwell Peck we believe giving your reception area a refresh can completely transform your business’ appearance, so here are our top tips:


Stay on brand

Your reception is like a handshake; a greeting that says who you are and what you do. Strongly communicating about your brand is what people expect when they first walk through the door. When planning your commercial refurbishment, go wild with your brand colour palette (without being brash) and consider upgrading your flooring; your furniture and your lighting. You could even change how you use your company logo.


Keep your office warm

A blast of cold air every time the door opens is not inviting to any potential visitors or employees working in the reception area! Forget the electric heater and try to install a door heater. A door heater is installed above your door at the entrance of your office to create an air barrier for a warm welcome and heat conservation.


Eliminate clutter

When a room is overloaded with unnecessary clutter, it can be hard to maintain a calm and collected atmosphere. Make sure that your reception has the right storage facilities it needs to be welcoming to your visitors.


Noise is a no-no

Ringing phones, general chit chat and doors opening and closing can quickly make your reception a pretty noisy space. Before you begin your refurbishment, ask a commercial decorator for a few design tricks to minimise the noise. Our refurbishment team recommends adding textured fabrics to your walls to absorb unwanted sounds.


Keep your designs coherent

Have you ever visited an office that has a beautiful reception? Then walked around the corner and been sorely disappointed? If your design is incoherent, it may show that your employees and visitors are not valued the same and can quickly damage your business. While it is important to have an innovative reception design; it is vital to have an office that flows well with the front end and that shows your business to be a positive environment for your employees.


When it comes to commercial decorating and refurbishment; Markwell Peck aims to creatively customise your office space to fit your brand’s individual needs. So for more information on our office refurbishment services, please call 01279 419200.

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