The Benefits of Sandblasting

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Rusty door - benefits of sandblasting

Before beginning your office refurbishment, it’s essential to smooth out the rough surfaces through abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting involves propelling the small, granulated pieces of sand at high speed in order to clean or etch out a wide surface. When it comes to commercial decorating and refurbishment, the process of sandblasting can be a quick way to clean contaminants from hard surfaces and project the clean-up and breeze.

As industry specialists, we at Markwell Peck understand how valuable this service can be in the maintenance of your property. Here’s why we think sandblasting is incredibly beneficial to your renovation process.



One of the main benefits of sandblasting is its versatility. Abrasive blasting has a wide variety of uses, ranging from pavement stripping to paint removal. The process will also remove any contaminants as well as polish and refine the surfaces to create a professional finish or properly primed surface for painting.


Rust Removal

Did you know that rust is the leading cause of property damage? When it comes to metal products, rust can be a serious problem, especially if it’s not treated properly. Sandblasting is incredibly effective in rust removal. This is because it allows you to maintain the integrity of the metal products without causing further damage.



The greatest benefit of sandblasting is that it’s the safest method of clearing an area. Unless pollutants are added to the equipment, the materials used within sandblasting are both nontoxic and harmless to the environment; even if they are inhaled or disposed of carelessly.



Sandblasting is a pretty simple process. Commercial decorators will lay a tarp underneath the surface which will be blasted to ensure a quick and easy cleanup. Once the process is complete, the professionals will simply remove any extra material and clean off the tarp.

Abrasive blasting is an extremely effective process. With its ability to clean almost any surface and remove all contaminants that could otherwise damage the product. However, while sandblasting is a simple job; it’s best left to the professionals. Markwell Peck prides itself on offering a professional sandblasting service across London and Essex for all your refurbishment needs. So for more information, why not contact our team today on 01279 419 200.

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