Three Ways Your Office Space Affects Productivity

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The design of your office space matters more than you think. In recent years, non-traditional workspaces have become increasingly popular with office refurbishment contractors. For example, amenities such as flexible workstations; private conference rooms and invigorating break spaces proved to help drive innovation.


Studies have shown that the look and feel of an office has a big effect on workers. The 2016 Gensler Workplace Survey found that physical workspaces not only affected productivity but innovation as well. If your business wants to get ahead of the competition, here’s how changing your office environment can improve your employee performance.



Let’s be honest – most offices are dismal. The colour palette rarely strays from eggshell or a hint of grey (if you’re lucky). While office refurbishment doesn’t mean going crazy and painting every wall neon pink; bringing a little colour can make a big difference in your employees work ethic. Whether you need a calming blue or an optimistic millennial pink, finding the right balance of hues for your particular workforce’s needs is the key.


Air Quality

Air quality in an office space is incredibly important to keep the productivity of your workforce high. In 2016, a YouGov survey found that 70% of office workers believed that poor air quality in their place of work was having a negative effect on their day-to-day productivity and well-being. Employers can improve the air quality (and thus the work ethic) of their employees by opening the windows and doors; by putting plants around the office or investing in commercial refurbishment by installing air filters throughout the building.



When it comes to commercial decorating and refurbishment, the lighting is often overlooked. A big problem of cubicle-centric workplaces is the lack of natural light. Spending eight hours a day in artificial; fluorescent lights has been linked to an increase in depression and abnormal sleep activity which can then result in a sluggish workforce. Instead, try to create an open-plan workspace and use more natural light within your office space to ensure your staff feel more motivated and alert in the workplace.


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