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Concrete cathedral - listed buildings

The maintenance of heritage buildings is imperative for preserving their structure and ensuring the longevity of their features; both on the interior and the exterior. Listed buildings and those that are major tourist attractions will need different levels of maintenance, which may then require more extreme methods.

Our sandblasting service has assisted in maintaining many historical sites. So, we know how important it is to get things right. Here are Markwell Peck‘s tips on everything you need to consider when working on and maintaining a listed building.


Preserving the past

Grade I and II listed buildings are protected in the interest of preserving the history and are either of exceptional or special interest. Important landmarks wouldn’t still be standing if they hadn’t been restored and maintained properly. For most listed properties, the doors and the windows along with other key features such as fireplaces will be key to their status. So this has to be kept in mind when carrying out the work.


Keep the tourism

Historic buildings are great for the tourism industry. Institutions like the National Trust rely on the historic buildings to bring in crowds. So they have a large emphasis on the maintenance of their sites. The more popular the historic building is, this means a greater focus on the long term maintenance. For example, major London tourist attraction; Big Ben, is in the midst of a 4-year restoration project to carry out vital work on the clock itself and keep it working smoothly for years into the future.


Long term thinking

Make small, preventative changes such as cleaning the interior and the exterior of the building regularly. Carrying out small but regular amounts of maintenance is not only cost-efficient. But it also reduces the risk of permanent damage. For painted windows; keep these looking smart by giving them touch-ups as needed. Rather than letting them peel or become weathered over a long period of time.


Get in the professionals

Any work that is being done on a listed building needs to be carried out to the highest of standards. It’s best to hire a specialist and ensure they are suitably trained to carry out work on historic buildings. For example, when it comes to the maintenance of the outer walls specialist tasks such as grit blasting services, will need to be carried out by professionals like Markwell Peck.


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