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Office space - office design trends of 2019

As commercial decorators in London and Essex, the team at Markwell Peck have visited a variety of workplaces for our office refurbishment services and we have noticed a huge shift in the design of office space. No longer is the office a place for employees to serve their 9 to 5 whilst pushed up against corded landlines; fax machines and bulky desktop computers. The office space has undergone an evolution with new technologies and a change in priorities for employers.


After speaking to our team of commercial decorators, Markwell Peck has identified the top office design trends for 2019 that are bound to have an impact on commercial refurbishment:


1. Defining the workplace experience

In recent years, the focus of office design has changed from functionality and maximising the space to building a positive workplace experience. Following the current trend of wellness, employers have been inspired to create a workplace where staff are happy and productive. As for office designers, this means a great deal of time will be spent on creating a holistic environment; meaning we could see the emergence of yoga studios and massage rooms in our workplaces soon.


2. Incorporating the old and new

While this trend is not entirely new, it has gained some traction in the past few years. We believe this will continue in 2019. After a huge societal shift towards recycling and reusing; interior designers are looking to take old buildings and spaces to create something a little more modern. For example, we have seen lots of designers incorporating dilapidated steel beams and brick walls into space, rather than hiding them.


3. Creating concentration spaces

Similar to creating a positive work environment; Markwell Peck believes there will be a major influx of employers looking to create designated concentration spaces for their staff. Not only does it provide employees with the choice to move around and work wherever they like. But concentration spaces are thought to improve productivity and clear the mind.


4. Embracing a pop of colour

It’s a known fact that colour can be used to reflect the personality of a brand within the workplace. Gone are the days of beige and cream office walls, we believe strong; bold colours such as yellow and blues can be used to liven up a space. However, it’s important to remember that this is just a pop of colour so they should be used sparingly to create interest for your visitors.


So, if you would like to find out more information about our office refurbishment services, get in touch with Markwell Peck on 01279 419 200.

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