5 Reasons to Consider Abrasive Blasting in London

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Abrasive blasting in London for machinery

Abrasive blasting London is one of the most underrated and cost-effective methods to clean and prepare surfaces. Sandblasting is the process of propelling fine, abrasive materials such as walnut shells, glass beads and aluminium oxide at a surface. The material chosen greatly depends on the scale of the project.  However, any professional commercial decorator like Markwell Peck will be able to decide on which abrasive is best for you.


Gives equipment a new lease of life

We’ve all had that one bicycle or piece of equipment that we have cherished dearly for a large majority of our lives, although it’s beginning to see better days. One of the huge advantages of abrasive blasting London is that it gives your equipment a new lease of life. Rust oxidises metal which causes damage to your belongings. Sandblasting is designed to remove rust and any unwanted debris from your property.


Surface preparation

Sandblasting is also the ideal solution if you’re looking to prepare a surface. It’s an efficient method of smoothing the surface and removing any unwanted debris so the paint can go on without any rough spots and look good.


Cleaning machinery

If you work in the industrial industry, you will understand the stress of attempting to maintain and keep your machinery clean. Over time, your equipment will begin to accumulate oil and will need a thorough clean. Abrasive blasting is capable of removing all remnants of oil and contaminants.



Unlike other cleaning processes, which involve harsh chemicals, abrasive blasting is a power washing technique and is completely non-toxic. Not only does it remove all unwanted contaminants, but it also doesn’t damage your equipment.



One of the huge advantages of sandblasting is that it saves times which ensures that your business can remain productive. Depending on the scale of the project, a cleaning job which may take hours to complete could just take minutes with sandblasting.

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