A Guide to Choosing the Right Cladding System for Your Property

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Choosing the right cladding system

People often neglect the exterior of their property when redecorating or refurbishing. Decorating the outside of a building is often seen as less of a priority than the interior of the building. Cladding systems offer a cheap alternative to improving the curb appeal of a building.

What is a cladding system?

Cladding systems are panels attached to the outside of a building. Cladding systems are used to provide an additional layer of thermal insulation and weather resistance. However, cladding systems do not offer any additional structural support to the building.

Many retail stores and property developers use cladding for a multitude of reasons:

  • It adds aesthetic value.
  • Cladding offers security and privacy.
  • It provides thermal insulation.
  • Soundproofs a building.

The cladding systems which are used can help to optimise natural daylight. To ensure the job is done to a high specification and meets the appropriate building regulations you should look into hiring a professional office refurbishment contractor to carry out the work.

Metal and steel cladding

The major benefit of selecting metal cladding is that you are able to shape and join the components in many different ways. This provides you with endless possibilities when it comes to the architectural design. Metal cladding was first introduced in the 1960’s and is widely used in cladding for retail as well as in the industrial areas.

If you are looking for a cladding system which does not require much upkeep; steel cladding may be the perfect solution. It is ideal if you are looking for a sustainable solution to maintain the appearance of the building over the years.

Curtain Walling

Curtain walling systems are non-structural cladding systems for the external walls of buildings. They are typically manufactured from glass, many people often associate curtain walling with multi-storey buildings.

Curtain walling systems are made from aluminium steel frames. The structure is then fitted with glass panels. This style of cladding system is ideal if you are looking to portray a sleek, modern appearance.

Finally, if you would like to find out more information about the different types of cladding systems or enquire about any of our other services, get in touch with Markwell Peck, sandblaster London, today on 01279 419 200.

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