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At Markwell Peck, office refurbishment services, we’re experts in spraying curtain walling. A curtain wall system is the perfect solution when it comes to office refurbishment. This week, we’re going to discuss what spraying curtain walling is and how it can benefit your business.


What is a curtain wall system?

Typically, a curtain wall system is a thin, aluminium framed wall which contains panes of glass, metal or stone. Although it is an addition to the structure of the building, it does not support the floor or roof, so is simply decorative to the exterior.

There are a variety of curtain wall systems which are defined by their method of fabrication. Which generally tend to be stick systems and unitized systems.

Stick systems – In this curtain wall system. The frame and glass panes are installed and connected together piece by piece. Much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Unitized system– The unitized method involves the frame and panes being constructed, assembled and glazed in a factory before being shipped and erected on the property.

However, it’s important to note that both curtain wall systems are designed to be both interior and exterior systems.

What are the benefits of installing a curtain wall system?

Whether you decide to install an interior or exterior glaze to your business. Both have unique advantages:

· Protective properties – if you decide to install a curtain wall system. One of the major advantages is the ability to keep air and water out of your property. This will make your building easier and more affordable to maintain.

· Thermal efficiency – if your curtain wall system is properly treated and glazed. It will dramatically improve the temperature of your building. Warm air will not be lost during winter while in the summer. Buildings will be kept cool as air is trapped due to the glass panes fitting perfectly into the frame.

Spraying curtain walling

In order to keep your curtain wall system looking and acting its best. It’s vital that you maintain it. Fortunately, at Markwell Peck, curtain wall manufacturers. We have the expertise to keep your curtain wall system in tip top shape!

If you would like more information about spraying curtain walling or any other services we provide, give us a call today on 01279 419 200.

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