Office Refurbishment in the New Year

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Office refurbishment in the new year

New Year. A time for when companies set new targets, reassess their strategy and turn their attentions to making some changes.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that your office also needs a cosmetic overhaul. What if these goals, and more, can be achieved more easily with a simple solution?

Markwell Peck’s specialised sandblasting and cladding coating services can improve the quality of your business in many more ways than one. Here’s how:

Blast your business into 2018

Sandblasting involves projecting fine pieces of sand at a high speed to thoroughly clean a surface.

As well as eliminating rust, sandblasting cancels the need for investing in expensive cleaning hire services and home improvement products. It’s efficient, value for money and much more effective than other solutions.

Markwell Peck can sandblast your offices externally to present to your clients an aesthetically-pleasing building. Giving your customers an excellent first impression will inevitably boost your sales.

What’s more, we can also treat the walls of your office internally, deep-cleaning them and creating a fresher space for your staff to achieve their best. And afterwards, we can repaint your walls for you so you can focus on your next big move.

Coat your company in success

If your business has cladding, or you’re thinking of cladding it, we can help preserve your investment. Markwell Peck offer a spraying service in which we can add value to your exterior walls by repairing the cladding and respraying it.

This service adds both cosmetic value and sustainable value as it preserves the fundamental structure of your offices, protecting it from the various elements throughout the year.

Respraying your current cladding can also help revolutionise your branding. Changing the colour scheme of your offices, or just making it brighter, can make all the difference in your productivity. A small alteration will rejuvenate your work ethos, your creative conscience and your profits.

With 15 years worth of experience at your disposal, Markwell Peck have the tailored expertise you need to revitalize your offices for 2018. Give us a call at +44(0)1279 419200 or fill in the enquiry form.

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