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Just a few hours outside of the capital, the county of Essex is full of thriving towns and villages. As well as a business-driven city to rival London’s ‘Square Mile’. This is a suitable alternative for those who don’t want to commute all the way into the Big Smoke. It’s unsurprising to see a large amount of new businesses popping up in the area – particularly in Chelmsford, which was granted its city status in 2012.

In response to the rise in start-ups within the Essex area; we have seen the development and the construction of office buildings throughout the county increase. With this in mind, Markwell Peck have been busy educating business owners and property developers about high quality office finishes.

As commercial decorators and sandblasting experts we understand the importance of maintaining high quality paint work and keeping your office space clean for any employees or visitors. That’s why we developed our high quality sandblasting service in Essex.

Sandblasting is a method which is used to clean a surface. It is also used to strip off any imperfections; paint; rust and other pollutants. This is a particularly important step for preparing a surface before it is decorated. This is because it clears the surface of marks and creates a surface that has protective coating. This takes the place of labour-intensive methods such as wire brushing or sanding. It can speed up the preparation process by 75 per cent.

What are the benefits of using sandblasting before applying a coating?

  • Inexpensive – The main advantage of using sandblasting is because of how economical it is. Typically, the abrasive materials used during the process are cheap to buy and many of the medias are reusable. These materials help to clean the surface more efficiently and much faster than traditional techniques.
  • All surface types – While sandblasting is most commonly used on wall surfaces prior to the application of a coat of paint. It is also effective when removing rust from metal surfaces and also when indenting on plastic materials.
  • Environmentally Friendly/Non-toxic – Unless outside pollutants are added, sandblasting is both environmentally friendly and it is non-toxic. When the typical products for sandblasting are used it becomes safe to be around; it is even safe if it is inhaled.

If you’re looking to find out more about Markwell Peck’s commercial sandblasting Essex. Get in touch with our team on 01279 419200.

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