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Essex and London Shot Blasting Services

Shot blasting is a technique used to remove any scale; burrs or rust that will interfere with the overall image of your building. It can also be used to prepare or remove a surface. Essentially, this technique involves two methods: wheel blasting and air blasting. Wheel blasting converts electric motor energy into kinetic energy via the rotation of a turbine wheel. This method is used to remove rust; scale; sand or simply clean an object. Air blasting involves either a blast room or a blast cabinet. The chosen media is accelerated by compressed air and is projected by nozzles onto the object.

Here at Markwell Peck our shot blasting experts have put together a guide on how our Essex shot blasting services can help you.


Shot blasting is an essential service within the shipbuilding industry. Due to each ship being totally unique shot blasting plays a crucial role in the creation and upkeep of such vessels. If left over a long period of time Mill Scale will build up on the steel plate. Shot blasting can then be used to clean; polish and strengthen the metal. In this process, the plate which has been infected with Mill Scale is put through an enclosed chamber where steel shots are blasted at a high velocity. Each shot helps scrape away the scale.

Steel Construction:

Before any application of coating can take place, it is essential that you undertake surface preparation in order to prevent corrosion in the future. However, you need to ensure that you have got the correct abrasive size as this will affect both the rate and efficiency of cleaning. For reference, fine grades are best used for cleaning relatively new steelwork as it is highly unlikely that new steel will be riddled with scale or other issues. However, coarse grades will be more effective with heavily corroded surfaces.


Shot blasting is used in multiple jobs amongst the railway. Wheel blasting is used during the maintenance and upkeep of railway wheelset axels. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned with paint and oxide traces. Railway wheels, however, are shot blasted in a machine with two blast wheels targeting the wheel from both sides.

Above are three examples of industries that will use shot blasting but this is not an exhaustive list. If you are involved in an industry that you feel will benefit from our shot blasting services, or maybe you would like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01279 419200.

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