The Importance of Quality Sandblasting with Markwell Peck

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High quality sandblasting

Just like most things interior design related, you want to ensure you are using quality materials and tools to get the job done; leaving your space looking better than ever! Whether it’s a complete repaint job or just a simple light switch fitting; using high quality products makes all the difference to the look and feel to your office.

Don’t scrimp on your sandblasting services!

At Markwell Peck Sandblasting London, we understand how crucial it is to use these quality tools and materials; particularly for sandblasting! Our qualified team have put their heads together. So we have created a list of why using a high quality sandblasting service is for your office space:

  • Guaranteed a smooth; clean surface at the end of use. At Markwell Peck, we use only industry-specialised sandblasting equipment. This means that, along with our experts, it is qualified to do an excellent job on your surfaces.
  • Long Lasting. As a business, we have spent years developing a unique approach to sandblasting. Now after 11 years of expertise within the industry; the team have the correct tools and a quick and easy approach to ensure your wall’s surface stays smooth for longer.
  • Easy Application. A benefit to using industry-standard materials and equipment is the ease at which sandblasting can be carried out. More often than not, we can complete your job within a week of working in the space (depending on the size!)
  • Health and Safety. At Markwell Peck, the safety of our team and contractors is at the forefront of our minds. Every member of the team comes complete with a special toolkit and safety wear, as well as years of training, to operate the sandblaster.
  • Expertise. In the Markwell Peck office, we have a total of seven sandblasting experts on hand to help any of our clients with their decorating needs. All of our experts have gone through the appropriate training and have worked in the industry for a number of years, meaning they are more than capable of handling your requirements.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our high quality sandblasting service and expert team of commercial sandblasters; why not get in touch with the team on 01279 419200

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