Effects of Summer Weather on Surfaces with Markwell Peck Sandblasting London

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Summer weather on surfaces

We’re all guilty of indulging in the fantastic weather summer brings; heatwaves, endless sunshine and longer days.

But have you stopped to consider the damage to your sites or premises the summer weather could have?

At Markwell Peck, when we are working on a project we actively take into account the changes in weather could have on the state of our prepared surfaces and paintwork. Whether it’s adapting our current techniques or developing new methods, Markwell Peck’s qualified team are more than capable in managing the conditions of your services, ensuring quality is always a priority.

Following previous work on weathered surfaces, our team gave examples of the effects of summer weather on surfaces and how you can treat them.

  • Temperature – Simply, increases and decreases in temperature can cause panelled walls to bend, or force redistributions and shear between the walls. Unfortunately, following these changes in the wall’s formation; there is the possibility for excessive deformation of the joints and separation of the walls. To prevent deformation or cracks in the wall panels, we recommend looking into brand new designs for the connections between the wall panels. Once you have had the designs implemented, Markwell Peck can apply industrial-style paint to prevent any cracking in the wall’s surface.
  • Thunderstorms – If you’re unfortunate enough to have your building struck by lightning; there are a number of effects this can have on your premise. While it may not seem like it, the thunder produced can cause shock waves, which can easily fracture concrete; stone and brick. In some cases, thunderstorms can blow out plaster walls, shatter glass and crack foundations. The experts at Markwell Peck offer industry-standard methods and techniques to prep and fix surfaces prior to painting.
  • Heavy Rain – After particularly heavy rainstorms, we have seen cases of paint bubbling and staining on interior walls. In these cases, there may be some type of water ingress on the outside of your building. While Markwell Peck’s experts cannot fix any leaks in the building; once the leak has been sorted we will be able to attend to the bubbling and staining.
  • Moisture – Unfortunately, an excess of moisture can lead to a number of damp and mould patches on the walls. This can lead to respiratory problems and affect your/your employee’s immune system. You will need an expert to fix the source of the moisture and then have them remove it. Once the mould has been removed, Markwell Peck’s experts can work on preparing and painting the affected surface.

Have you noticed your surfaces have been weathered by the recent summer’s warm weather?

The team at Markwell Peck can help! As commercial decorators with a unique sandblasting service and 15 years in the industry, our team have the expertise to completely rejuvenate your space.

For more information about our decorating and sandblasting service London, call our team on 01279 419200.

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