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Working in an office space leased out by your landlord comes with lots of responsibilities and requirements such as repainting the space you’re working in. But when you’re busy running a business, who has the time to spend an afternoon painting an office?

Well, that’s where Markwell Peck come in! Along with our sandblasting service London, we are also commercial decorators specialising in office refurbishment. We have worked on a number of office projects. We have helped to maintain their regular repainting schedule to keep surfaces looking as good as new.

Whether it’s printer-ink finger marks or scrapes from office chairs; your office walls will build up with stains and marks before you know it. While it may seem like just a few dents, they will really impact the look of your space and in turn, have an impact on your employees.

Recent research has found that having a clean, attractive workspace can actually boost your employees’ productivity. In fact, everything from the thought-provoking artwork on the walls to workstations with access to natural light can have a positive impact on productivity.

Global tech corporation, Apple, has said that 80% of their new headquarters in California has been built as a “green space”. These “green spaces” are the optimum office locations with everything from scenic tree-banked rivers or wild seascapes to watch over while you work.

Markwell Peck can guarantee a high quality and professional office refurbishment service, using our years of expertise in the industry. We have qualified experts who carry out commercial sandblasting Essex as well as preparing and repainting surfaces in traditional methods.

With 15 years of experience in decorating and sandblasting; we have worked on a vast range of projects to develop and build our skills. Our team have managed projects within commercial; retail; education and government industries, meaning the Markwell Peck team are more than capable of working with you.

For more information about Markwell Peck’s commercial decorating services, call 01279 419200.

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