Get To Know Your Customer Day: Markwell Peck Sandblasting London’s Dedication to Our Customers

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Get to know your customer day - Markwell Peck and their customers

The Third Thursday of July commences “Get To Know Your Customer Day,” and there’s nothing more important to Markwell Peck than our customers!

For any business, their customers should be their main priority and it should be the business’s focus to keep them happy. In the last 15 years, the team at Markwell Peck have dedicated themselves to providing top-notch decorating services to all our clients; ensuring we build relationships rather than just a faceless client base.

We pride ourselves on the team’s ability to work with the clients themselves to create a long-term partnership. This not only helps us to create a bespoke strategy for your project. But it also guarantees effective and satisfying work for both parties.

Once we have your strategy in place, our team are more than capable of managing the project; ensuring we keep you and your team updated through the entire process. Following experience with previous sandblasting projects; the team at Markwell Peck will adapt to your needs with our experience of working with contractors. We will also work with the main contractors to make sure the work is completed to the deadlines and budget.

Despite being based in London, we are not limited to just our local area.

Our team has worked on projects across the world including France; Holland and Russia. This means we are more than happy to work at any of our clients’ locations.

Not only have our Essex team attended to client’s sandblasting needs across the globe, we have managed a number of projects in a wide variety of industries such as commercial; retail; education; office refurbishment and government. Our team understand the manner in which you must work within these particular industries. So, we will always work in a professional and responsible manner.

This means you can rest at ease knowing a trustworthy sandblasting team are taking care of your site while you concentrate on the important tasks at hand.

If you want to find out more information about our sandblasting services within London and Essex, get in touch with the team at 01279 419200.

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